Welcome to the AOSpine Davos Courses 2019

WElcome to The AOSPine Davos Courses 2019!

Dear colleagues

Following last year's great success, the courses are again focusing on minimally invasive spine surgery (MISS) but also with a complex cervical problems course.

Over three days, participants will experience teaching at an expert level in micro-decompression, endoscopy, percutaneous fixation and complex cervical spine surgery, allowing them to both improve their skills on the microscope, the endoscope and complex cervical solutions.


Participants will have the opportunity to choose from four courses:

Course 1: Introduction course on Endoscopy

Course 2: Advanced level course on Endoscopy

Course 3: Advanced level course on Micro-decompression and Percutaneous Fixation

Course 4: Advanced level course on Complex Cervical Problems

(In Course 1, 3 and 4 the hands-on training of these courses will be held on life-like simulators.)

(In Course 2: The first two days of the hands-on training will be staged on life-like simulators. The third day of the training will be staged on specimen.)

On Sunday morning we will offer a half day seminar on the topic of "Non-technical surgical skills" with representatives from the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh.

Monday morning we will start with two seminars; one is on the topic of "optimizing elderly patients for spine surgery", the other on "the future of simulation in spine education".

Apart from the hands-on sessions, participants will get the opportunity to engage in case discussions as well as in the always very popular “the good, the bad, the ugly—a case that taught me a lesson” panel discussions in a fireside-talk-like environment.

We look forward to seeing you in Davos from 8-11 December!

Best wishes

Bryan Ashman

AOSpine Education Commission Chairperson
Course Director AOSpine Davos Courses

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